Growing up I always knew I wanted to have my own business.  I remember when teachers asked me “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I would say, “Own my own business”  However, I never knew exactly what type of business I wanted to own.  

At the prime of my life, I was already established professionally and personally. Unknowingly, I have put owning my own business on the back burner. No matter the amount of success I’ve achieved in my career, But I always I never lost that strong desired to do my own thing.

I have previously owned several MLM businesses. Although it met the need of having my own business,I felt it was not ME.


I remember feeling pressured of having to buy or sell more so my up line can meet their goals, not mine’s. From that point on, I decided to build a life and business that serves ME.

I am known as the person who is able to get things done, no matter what it is. Organizing events? I’ve done them! Everything from baby showers, parties, trips to even a funeral repass.

I LOVED entrepreneurship so much that I wrote my Doctoral Dissertation on Entrepreneurship Education.

I want to be the catalyst for other entrepreneurs who need support to create, organize, and grow a business and life that serves them.

My Areas of Expertise

Personal and Team Development

Leadership Development and Assessment

Business Consulting

Professional Speaking

Workshop Development

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